Psychopath Richard Wayne Bennett Cyberstalker Teen Sex Predator $5K Reward Phone Threats March 17

I just thought I’d start your Monday off. Oh, thanks for the rip-off report daily but, you know? We get the last word. You know that.

I’m in Salem, today! Guess what?

Remember that son you abandoned? You know, ‘cuz you didn’t pay… and things you accused me of? You muther f*cker.  Guess what?

I’m gonna be getting records today. That’s my next one. And I got a dozen more, Dave.

I can’t kill you in life, but I can kill you emotionally. I will. God, I see it.

Have a nice day, whatever the f*ck your name is. Goodbye.

Jesus Christ, Dave, my god. My goodness, my oh wuckey wow wow… whatever the f*ck you call it.

Hey, I got a message for ya: Call 203-564-5227 and ask for Bree. She is the interviewer and, uh, the coordinator for the Steve Wilcos Show. They know all about me, buddy. They wanna know more about you and also your f*cked up buddy in Ohio.

You know? He essentially killed a woman you know was a great person. You know? My mother was a good lady. We finally got together thanks to you. So, you wanna perpetrate this stuff more?

I’ve got more for you, Dave… Again (inaudible) watches you screw… I know you don’t go out’a your house. I know more about you than you can even imagine. But I’m not stalking you, Dave. I’m just doin’ you a favor.

I keepin’ you from getting more soft than you already are, if possible.

How many more do you have? Boy, there’s… You know?

I just talked to that lady on the Steve Wilcos Show and I told her some of the other stuff… You know, about Paul movin’ a boat 17,000 miles? You wanna publish that?

And all your horse sh*t about me being a sex offe… Oh, I’ll go on national TV about that. Will you, Dave?

Ha, ha, ha… You are so f*cked up.

And you know what? I’m enjoyin’ it, man. I’m enjoyin’ every second of it. ‘Cause I know what a limp weasel you are and how you’re cowering down.

Oh, I’ve met Pat Glebe. By gosh, you know, he really thinks you should be done something with. And you know what? I’ve been checking your concealed weapons permits… Oooh…

This is f*cking orgasmic, you piece of sh*t.

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