Phony Wounded Veteran Attorney Richard Wayne Bennett Strikes Again


In a Document/Consultation of Dr. J. Hill: Dr. Hill is lead to believe that Richard W. Bennett is a 40 year old Attorney and is a nonsmoker since 1967 (21 years old). Well, we know that Richard W. Bennett has never been an attorney and in fact was prosecuted for trying to pass himself off as such and also at that time he was involved in drugs (using, dealing, smoking) and was a self admitted heavy drinker (alcoholic) and hooked on drugs and would later blame his actions on this.

This maggot also tells the doctor that he was wounded in Vietnam in 1967 with a land mine, sustaining multiple lacerations and necessitating surgery on his right knee but he was subsequently able to play football in college. I don’t know how he could be in college when he was arrested in 1968 by the FBI for desertion from the Marine Corp and impersonation.

This is another outrages lie by this maggot. When this liar was a kid he was on a swing and did the bail out and landed on a rock that lacerated his right knee at the kneecap all the way across the front of his knee that had to be stitched up. He was never and can’t prove that he was ever wounded in Vietnam or at least refuses to show any documents or documents of awards for any Silver Star or Purple Heart/s and is not listed for receiving either of these awards.

This liar never went to college or played football in college nor did he ever lift weights in college as he stated in this doctors report. Maybe he’ll just say or blame the doctor for making up this crap as he likes to blame every one but himself for the rotten life he has led.

This liar also stated in the doctors report that our biological father died in his 50′s, with a history of heavy alcohol ingestion and some type of heart disease. Well, if that was true he would have had to die sometime around 1974 (born 1918). In fact our biological father died in September, 2005 at the good old age of 86 and I last say him in 2003 when visiting with him and family in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

As anyone can see by this and the large amount of documents posted on this site we are dealing with a pathological liar in the tenth degree. This maggot just can’t tell the truth if his life and freedom depended upon it and if given the chance I will see that we do something about how and where he spends the rest of his life—IN JAIL!!!

You think your mine and Dave’s daddy? Then come and get us big boy! I’m still waiting for those fantasy attorneys, investigators and the Good Fairy!!!

Till next time……

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