PFC Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl June 3 2014

Richard Wayne Bennett Statement Re PFC Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl June 3 2014

You f*cking piece of shit, Dave.

Now everybody’s on Aaron again and they’re bringing him up, like their still walkin’.

Because of your f*ckin’ frauds, and your crap.

Your f*cking hoaxes on Aaron’s death.

And all the other shit you did.

I assure you, you’re not getting away with this one.

Call the f*ckin’ cops.

I’m on your doorstep.

If I see one more thing, or hear one more thing…

I don’t even need to hear one more thing, Dave.

You are a f*cking whack-o.

And you take your f*cking buddy in Ohio and destroy Aaron again all over.

You rotten muther f*cker.


I’m going to go after you in a way that nobody in this f*ckin’ country can stop, Dave.

Count on.

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4 thoughts on “PFC Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl June 3 2014

  1. R.P. Bennett says:


    First of all it is none of your business what anyone says or does about Aaron. You have nothing to do with anything having to do with him both in life and in death.

    You were never a father to him. You never did anything for him but cause him embarrassment and he wished he was never connected to you and changed his name when he turned 18 so that no one would connect him to you.

    You don’t and never had any Legal Right to Aaron since shortly after his birth and you spent his youth in prison for many felony charges that you still lie about because you never returned anything you stole or swindled people out of. You sure as Hell don’t have any Legal Right to tell anyone what to say or not say about Aaron in any way they wish to about his life and now his death.

    I am Aaron’s Legal Blood Uncle and I will post, comment on, pass to others anything I want to and to anyone I want to and you have no say so over my actions Legally or otherwise so let’s get that straight once and for all. I don’t give a damn what you think or have to say about anything having to do with my family and Aaron is my family. You Wayne are not and have no rights to Aaron. You stopped being family or a father when you deserted your children and decided that a life of crime was more important then your children and that doesn’t just speak for Aaron but the others you donated your sperm to and if I’m lying then tell us just what you did for them including Richie in Canada you bastard.

    You owe the estate of Aaron over $18,000.00 in back child support that you never paid as well as owing the same to a daughter that you never took care of or paid what was required of you to pay by Court Order you maggot and that’s just from 2002 because your ex-wife was good enough to let you off the hook for the additional back payments but what did you do? Nothing!!!

    You make claims that you gave Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to all these charity’s yet you couldn’t even or refused to pay $624.00 a month for Aaron and his sisters support but you want to take the credit and bragging rights to the death of Aaron when you never gave a shit about him when he was alive. Well, you don’t have those rights and from here on out when I see you bragging about this Fallen Hero that you have no right to brag about I will correct the record and Google you all over the fricken world you maggot. For you to pretend that you are this loving father makes me sick as it does to all of our family’s. I have spoken to the men that served with Aaron and believe me I have and will make sure they know who you really are because you see maggot I can direct them to this site and they can throw up reading about you and all will see the truth of who you are.

    I along with Dave Masters will post anything we please about the life and death of Aaron anywhere we please either on Facebook or anywhere else we have a mind to do so and your threats of doing harm to any of us falls on deaf ears other then we will use these phone calls against you if you are ever brought to justice by myself or Dave. I can guarantee you that I will follow you to the end of the earth to put you where you belong.

    Finally, I warned you about attacking me through my children and what I would do about it if I ever got my hands on you. You have posted on your Facebook my children’s High School with a direction to your slime site set up to attack me. You did that to hurt my children and try to embarrass them among their school and friends. We have spoken to the authorities and school about this and I promise you will pay for that if and when we find you. I’m still waiting for all this legal action you claimed you were going to put on me but still nothing but silence and still waiting for you to tell me where you are but again silence just a lot of ranting from a pill head drunk.

    I will get you Wayne one day unless you die first which would just be fine and make a lot of people very happy. You better hope you die first because I will do everything I can to put you away for the rest of your life you maggot!!!

  2. Rick Barron says:

    You’re all going to hell.

  3. R.P. Bennett says:

    Well thank you Richard (Rick) Barron for your wonderful words of wisdom. Your right there are many going to hell and one in particular. Hope you don’t join him.

  4. Special Bob says:

    He sounds sooooooo happy. I wonder about his time in Cali with his ass exposed? Just keep him there for two months, I have contacts!! His sphincter will be ripped!!!!!! With Love Bobby

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