Pathological Liar Uses Facebook to Con Friends and Family


JANUARY 3, 2014: The pathological liar posts an address that’s suppose to be his on his Facebook under WAYNE BENNETT.

richard-wayne-bennett-1500-sw-5th-avenue-1506-portland-oregon-97201THE ADDRESS HE POSTS IS:  R. Wayne Bennett, 1500 SW 5th Avenue #1506, Portland, Oregon, 97201 along with a message about being at the Rose Bowl and will post photo’s next and then wishes a Happy 2014 to all and then states “Feel free to drop me a line at my address anytime” and also, “Promise I won’t wear a Hoodie to pick up my mail! LOL”  Well, if mail is being delivered to you why do you have to go and pick it up???

bank-repossessed-forclosure-1500-sw-5th-avenue-1506-portland-oregon-r-wayne-bennettThe biggest lie here is that this is not his address and he doesn’t live there.  This property once belonged to a SUSAN L. CROWDEN and was listed with the Secretary of State, Corporation Division as a business under the name of SUSAN CROWDEN ENTERPRISES, LLC with the last filing on January 5, 2010.

susan-crowden-1500-sw-5th-ave-1506-portland-oregon-97201-richard-wayne-bennett-consultingWhat makes this an even bigger lie is that this property went into forclosure and became a bank repossessed property and was never in the name of Richard W. Bennett, R. Wayne Bennett, Laurence W. Bennett but only in the name of Susan Crowden who ended up losing not only the property but also went out of business in July, 2011. Wayne Bennett doesn’t live there and does not own this property now nor has he ever owned this property! This is just another in a long list of lies put out by this psychopath to make people think he’s something he’s not!!!

These addresses he uses are known to be faked or foreclosed properties because when served by the court they either come back (or came back) as not deliverable because no one was living at the last known address and we ended up serving him through newspaper ads… We have posted this information on this site before, yet this idiot still uses the bogus addresses thinking people will fall for it, not knowing any better!!! Guess what moron???

The only fool and stupid person here is HIM!!!

It’s easy to state anything but it’s another thing to prove it. So for that reason I have submitted relative documents to prove what I say is nothing but the truth and not just ranting from a moron that no one cares about but himself.

Ghost-of-PFC-Aaron-Fairbairn-appears-to-Wayne-Bennett-as-a-mothLastly, he posted pictures of a moth that was supposed to just come from nowhere and land on his hand and looked worn out and associated this moth with my dead nephew Aaron who literally hated this bastard and once again this puke insults his death!

So Wayne Bennett, or what ever the name you’re using, when are you going to have the balls to come out of hiding and face me and face the music I have ready to play for you???? I won’t hold my breath!!!

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