Wayne, Well you have done it again.  You really amaze me.  Someone trys to assist you and all you do is sock it to them.  You haven’t learned a thing in your life.  You can’t replace a friend or family.  You can only take advantage so long before it starts to penetrate.  Well that point has been reached.  Enough is enough!!  Wayne, you lead your life and you lead it completely away from me and mine.  This most assuredly includes your mother!! How God-Damn dumb do you think we are?  Your mother is, I’m sorry to say is somewhat prejudicial but I’m happy to say I’m not.  You have finally THANK GOD, shown your catch it all mother your true colors. How anyone with your intelligence can be so stupid on common sence is truely amazing.  I wish you luck your’re going to need it.  Do us all a favor, bug out and off!!


P.S. our phone number is being changed

This letter was directed to Wayne before my dad passed away and I was to give it to him if ever we crossed paths which we now have through Probate and what better way to show what a loser he is and I’m not finished yet.


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  1. WyAtt says:

    Ok. http://www.robertpaulbennett.com
    Now you two can have lots of fun using dead people and kids for your sick paranoia.

    Admin Note: Again Richard W Bennett comments with fraudulent identity as he launches libelous campaign against his brother online.

  2. R.P. Bennett says:

    Well, Well Mr Wyatt Earpstein AKA Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett has now reduced himself at attacking children with threats of bodily harm and using the internet to intimidate and spread false statements. Goes on Facebook under an assumed name pretending to be someone he is not thus violating facebook policy and an actual crime to slander someone. Here’s a guy that has a criminal record as long as your arm and has the guts to accuse someone of doing the same thing. Bennett also opened a domain under the name of ROBERTPAULBENNATT.COM without the permission or authority to do so thus causing a trademark violation. On that site he has made statements without one bit of proof but going by what some attorney had filed that the Court struck down and never issued any order finding Robert guilty of any wrong doing but actually in a hearing of September 9, 2010 said attorney agreed to step down as Fidicuary and Trustee of the estate of Elizabeth Swanson as not to be prosecuted for Ethical Violations and being sued along with his law firm and be replaced by an attorney requested by Robert Bennett to Administer and act as Trustee which the Court approved. In a concealment of assets case the same attorney made certain claims as to how Robert Bennett acted as having a Durable Power of Attorney with regard to his mothers finances and accused Robert Bennett of certain misdoings which in deposition and providing a full accounting of his mothers finances and business was found to have done no wrong. Bennett also accused Robert of stealing $50,000.00 for his own enjoyment which again through deposition and accounting was found to be untrue. In fact Robert had spent almost $700.00 of his own funds over and above those of his mothers. Bennett also accused Robert of abusing his POA to open annuities with New York Life which again is untrue. Those annuities were opened in his mothers name with him as beneficiary at his mothers request and was approved by both New York Life Annuity and Insurance Corporations Legal Council and that of J.P. Morgan Chase Banks Legal Council. Robert had to produce his DPOA and Trustee Documents to them for this to even happen. Robert even had witness statements as to his mother approving what he had done. Bennett stated on this domain site that there are reports from Adult Protective Services and the Court to support his site when in fact that is also untrue. The attorney that was removed claimed that Robert abused his mother but when investigated the Stark County Prosecutor refused to go forward as well as the Court and refused to submit any witnesses at a hearing for Guardianship held on February 15, 2011. It was also found out at that hearing that this attorney did not even have a fee agreement with Elizabeth but a verbal one and this shocked the Court because this attorney was looking to get Guardianship of an 82 year old woman he claimed to be incompetent but three weeks previously stated her to be competent when totally changing her estate plan. I can go on but anyone with a brain can see what’s going on here. Bennett also claimed on this domain site that Robert removed the remains of his step-father, Jack Swanson for his resting place in Mt. Tahoma, Washington when in fact it was his mothers wishes to stay in Ohio and that he and his mother be placed together. Robert contacted the Veterans Administration as well as his fathers two brothers to get permission to relocate his father from Washington to Ohio. That request was approved by both the VA and his brothers. Robert and his son Adam (the one attacked by Bennett) flew to Tacoma, Washington and returned with his father who had actually been cremated when he passed away on August 1, 2005. Robert and his family placed his father and mother together in the same burial site at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio as his mother had requested on May 28, 2011 (Two years today). His mother passed away on March 5, 2011. Robert kept his promise to his mother and father and has nothing to be sorry for but Bennett has much to be sorry for. Bennett also opened the domain site under Richard Bennett with an address of 9798 Whiskey Creek Rd., Tallamook, Oregon 97141. The problem is with this is that when the Court tried to serve him at that address the certified mail came back as not deliverable because that address was vacant. When we investigated that address it was found to be in a foreclosure for lack of payment and under another persons name. Bennett is now attacking Robert over his military career which is by itself comical when you see a rotten SOB that was Dishonorably Discharged for Desertion and also claimed to have received the Silver Star and Purple Heart yet upon investigation there is no information shoeing that a Laurence W. Bennett ever received any such rewards. He accuses Robert of not being in Vietnam but wearing the medals. In 1967 the U.S.S. Saratoga and U.S.S. America Battle Groups were stationed off Lebanon during the Six Day Egypt/Israel War and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israeli forces thinking it was an enemy ship. During that deployment the U.S.S. Forrestal while on station at Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin had a mayor explosion on her rear flight deck by a runaway rocket that hit the plane of John McCain and set the entire rear deck ablaze. The U.S.S. Saratoga Battle Group was ordered to separate form the America Battle Group and precede to the aid of the Forrestal with we did and was used as protection to bring her back through the Suez Canal into the Med so she could safely return to the US for repairs. All Naval Carrier groups operated out of Yankee Station in the GULF OF TONKIN, which is and always was the gulf’s name and not just in 1972 as Bennett stated. The United States Navy sent me paper work stating that I earned those medals for entering the battle zone and coming to the aid of the Forrestal which by the way was our sister ship. She was CVA-59 and we were CVA_60 and when both had been retired were even moored together in Rhode Island. With all this said I will not remove anything that I have posted on this site because it is all fact and my attorney’s have the original documents but for Bennett things are quite the opposite. He has slandered, harassed, abused, defamed, impersonated being someone he wasn’t by using using a domain and three different sites on Facebook to attack Robert and now one of his children with some very bad language. Give Bennett enough rope and he will hang himself and guess what???? He thinks Robert is afraid of him well guess what??? You Bennett are in for a rude awakening. Everything on here from me is fact and not that of the administrator of this site and I release him from any liability but you Bennett is another story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have copied all your posting both on Facebook and GoDaddy.com and have also placed an investigation with them on your actions. Good luck Bennett because your probably going to need it and since you have all this money, cars and planes and can buy my sons neighborhood and move them out you might want to hold on to a couple of Million!!!!!!

  3. R.P. Bennett says:

    This is a follow up on my previous post to Richard W Bennett AKA Laurence W. Bennett AKA Wyatt Earpstein—He has a hang up with Wyatt Earp, Gunslinger, Silverstreak and Loon….Major identity problems

    Bennett made a comment on one of his Facebook rants to my son Adam that I spent over $100,000.00 of my mothers estate on legal fees thus depriving my children and Grandchildren their inheritance which was really my decision in the first place. The truth is, I have not charged one penny to my mothers estate for legal fees but in fact paid for my attorneys out of my own pocket. The only one trying to collect legal fees is the attorney Richard Burke that created the conflict in the first place that the Court has yet to rule on and of course legal fees that have to be paid to the Administrator and Trustee that the Court agreed to replace over Richard Burke. In a mediation hearing on February 26, 2013 I agreed to accept my mothers Will that was done in Ohio over Washington for the purpose of making it easier to finalizing my mothers estate. I also agreed to make the annuities that were mine to become part of my mothers estate of which I would maintain a certain percentage and the rest would go to my children, grandchildren, Niece and Nephews in certain amounts depending on the child involved. Bennett also accused me of having a criminal record. I have been only charged with disorderly conduct back in 2004 which is a Class 4 Misdemeanor. A traffic ticket is a Class 4 Misdemeanor so I don’t think you can put me in a criminal class but you sure can put Bennett in that class. Bennett says that he is so filthy rich that he has given over a $1,000,000.00 to Aids research and Addiction research which I believe to be nothing but a lie. If he was so wealthy then why has he not done a damn thing for his children? He has a son in Canada that had a very serious head injury due to being hit by a car and has been under the care of the Canadian Government most of his life and Bennett hasn’t done nothing to help and hasn’t seen him in God knows when just as with his other children including Aaron who died in Afghanistan and has the guts to lie about his relationship with Aaron. If he had a relationship with Aaron then why wasn’t his last name Bennett and not Fairbairn? Why, because Aaron didn’t want his lousy name. Bennett says that I was the first to attack him when the truth is he attacked my father, mother and myself on this site and I responded to his attack. Both of my parents were dead and he still felt he had to attack them. He accused my father of lying about being in WWII when in fact he was and I haven’t forgotten or given up on that. I have my fathers military records showing he received the WWII Victory Medal as I have stated on here before. Bennett said that to use your children or the deceased to overshadow one’s own crap is despicable so by his own words he is despicable. Bennett, my parents hated you and you can lie and say they didn’t and you made this wonderful peace with them but you are nothing but a low down scumbag liar. You want to mess with me then come on buddy because I’m ready and willing to do battle with you. I told you to never attack my children but you did and you got Adam so upset that he talked to you like I have never heard him talk all his life. You insulted him about his career and that he would never be anything. You a person that has been a low down rotten despicable bum who prayed on people and screwed up so many lives and you have the nerve to say the thing you did to Adam? You wouldn’t make a pimple on his ass you puke and I dare you to get your ass in front of me. You said that you would spank Adam, well I got news for you. He would tear your old fat ass to pieces and that is the best thing that could happen to you. You try to hurt him or embarrass him in any way as you said you would post at his school and you will wish you were never born. If your so brave tell me where your hiding and I will have your ass arrested for the garbage and slander you put on these sites you have been hiding behind. See you do things in the dark because you don’t have the balls to do it in my face. You only hurt people you know you can hurt, mostly women but anyone else you do your dirty work from a distance and in hiding….Come on Bennett, come to Ohio and meet your maker—ME!!!!!!!!!!

  4. R.P. Bennett says:


    For this I will use the name Richard Bennett due to pertaining to the above Domain site opened by him…

    On the Backstory Bennett makes reference to two (2) pdf posting on the Stark County Probate Court’s Docket, Case #210758 and Case #211757

    Case #210758 has to due with the slanderous claim Bennett has made concerning the Adult Protective Services, Council on Aging. Just to set the record straight. Adult Protective Services never made the claim of abuse of Elizabeth Swanson but that of the Attorney that tried to get Guardianship of my mother which failed. The Agency on Aging, Elder Care Division made a visit to Emeritus at Canton to interview my mother over issues of abuse or non-care of my mother. The case worker interviewed not only to my mother but the Executive Management of Emeritus and on December 15, 2010 issued a letter to my mother and at the same time met with my mother and myself and my children showing that they had made a full investigation and were satisfied that all issues were covered, including my P.O.A. and no abuse had been done my mother and the case closed. My attorneys have a copy of that letter and I hold the original. The Probate Court also sent an investigator to interview my mother and filed her report to the Court. The investigator contacted me to let me know when she would be there and for me to meet with her as well, which I did. The Stark County Prosecutor elected not to file any charges against me as stated by this attorney in his filing under Case #210758. The filing for Guardianship by this attorney was also closed on April 19, 2011. Adult Protective Services never filed any report with the Court or ever made any charges against me and never introduced any witnesses to backup the attorneys claim.

    Case #211757 in which the same attorney filed a Concealment of Assets on April 20, 2011, stating that I stole $50,000.00 of my mothers funds and opened annuities under the color of a P.O.A with New York Life. Again, it was never proven to be true and proven to be without any foundation by deposition and production of a full accounting or ruled on by Probate that I did anything dishonest but was going by what the Legal Council’s of both New York Life and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank directed I had the authority to do as being my mothers biological son. Under those annuities that were in my mothers name she had the authority to change the beneficiary designation any time she so wished to do so. They were always under her control and would only fall under the Trustee’s control upon her death. I could never change the beneficiary designation at or after her death.

    Both Cases referred to by Bennett have also been closed by the Probate Court and the agreed upon percentage of my mothers estate from the mediation of February 26, 2013 has been awarded and received by me through a Court order.

    Once again we see a low down scumbag make slanderous remarks to destroy ones character when there was absolutely no merit to anything he has stated on this site or the Domain he created for the sole purpose to attack and try to harm my reputation and it’s not working Bennett. All you managed to do is to turn this into a Federal Issue and possibly a Federal Crime and if I can make that happen I will file Federal Charges against you and ask for an order for your arrest. I am looking into that right now in fact and believe me Bennett I don’t puff hot air as you do. I have turned this over to Legal Council…..

    Help me out and keep posting your garbage. Your doing a lot of people you hurt and destroyed a huge favor……….


  5. R.P. Bennett says:

    Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett Aka God Knows Who Else just don’t know when to quit….

    Bennett states that “Robert Bennett duped his Alzheimer stricken mother to sign a P.O.A giving him $200,000.00 in Life Insurance that were to be the inheritance for her grandchildren”, which is untrue. As stated before the annuities were in the name of Elizabeth M. Swanson and the interest earned by those annuities were directly deposited into his mothers checking account. Also at the time these annuities were opened there had been no medical certification as to my mothers mental condition to stop her from opening those annuities through me and making me, her biological son beneficiary according to New York Life and J.P.Morgan Chase Bank. Now, if Bennett is correct in his statement then attorney Richard Burke was guilty of the same thing when he completely changed my mothers estate plan in November, 2010, a year after they were originally set up and stated my mother to be competent. Another Bennett BS comment.

    Now this is really comical–Bennett makes the comment “His extortion knows no limit”. Bennett went to prison for this exact thing for many years. He pretended to be an attorney and when let out on probation continued the same farce and ended up back in prison.

    Bennett makes the statement “He can’t lie anymore as the record is complete except for the criminal complaint(s) heading to the Prosecutor.” I ask what Prosecutor? This Probate action and agreement was settled and cases closed with prejudice meaning that no one can come back later and reopen this action. Again, my attorney fees were paid out of my own pocket as stated in the Judgement Entry and I had been paying those costs as these cases progressed through the court.

    Bennett states about Robert, “He is retired but on disability benefits–probably faked–so his only way to pay his legal fees was/is to use the beneficiaries as cannon fodder to get “something” to pay legal fees. THIS IS THE IRREFUTABLE TRUTH AND THE FACTS.” Now let’s look at that comment. Yes, I am retired (April 3, 2003) due to health issues. Yes, I receive disability benefits (Social Security). Bennett–I also have full medical benefits from the Veterans Administration so I can safely say that they are not faked and why does the VA take care of me even though I didn’t retire from the Military? Simple Bennett, because of my Military record, unlike yours. Didn’t you file for Social Security Disability Benefits under the name of Larry Swanson? Oh yes, that right you impersonated being someone else. The guy who is suppose to be filthy rick, with millions and with all these cars and planes and gave a $1,000,000.00 to Aids. The guy who said that he had aids and cancer and tried to buy his ex-wife or no you said you bought her! You filed for Social Security Disability but if you are so rich why would you need Social Security? Why didn’t you come to moms rescue and fight me in Court if you were so concerned? Why, because you are a phony, a big mouth full of hot air

    Bennett made the claim that I hid my mother from family and hid her address books. Well you can ask Burke if that is true because he and his paralegal personally made a call to my Daughter-in-law from my mothers phone in my mothers apartment on November 24, 2010. You can ask my attorney, attorney Moore, Elder Care, Emeritus, my mothers friends, her sister, grandchildren, niece and many many more, even the caregivers back in Washington that mom had a phone at all times with phone books and her address books. I even had a sign posted by her bedside table to make sure that her phone was always within her reach.

    Bennett just can’t shut his mouth and go away and it will be his downfall!

  6. R.P. Bennett says:

    Looks like I’m keeping this Site Administrator busy these days–Sorry for that

    For this posting we’re going to use the name Wayne Bennett since that’s the name he used while attacking me through a friend on Facebook today.

    His latest attack was today and is directed to my Dad’s service in WWII once again. I Produced an Air Force Document showing that my Dad received the Victory Medal for WWII and also the Occupation Medal as well. The Document had a Date of 4 Dec. 1946 and Bennett made note of it and again called me a liar but agreed that my Dad was in Germany but after the War. What Bennett didn’t know is that the War in Europe was not officially over until December 31, 1946 by Presidential Proclamation. President Harry Truman did not declare an official end to the War in Europe until that date and all Military in Europe were credited as being in WWII. Also, going by the dates he uses my Dad was in WWII and was 15 years old. My dad was born November 25, 1931 and on December 4, 1946 he had just turned 15 years old. So who is the brain-dead cockroach as he called me?? I also knew that at that time it was the Army/Air Corp and separated into the two services being the Air Force and Army in 1947. He tried to educate me on that. My dad received the Occupation Medal because he extended his time there and was there during the occupation and involved in the Berlin Airlift and left Germany on July 4, 1948.

    Bennett then made another little comment “Let’s make public opinion the Judge–after the REAL JUDGE is done with you”. All I have to say about that is we’ll see

    I will give Bennett a little advice and that is he might want to stay away from any police officer in Florida. I don’t think he will like the outcome but then again Bennett I know you think your an untouchable but I got news for you buddy.

    So until next time keep digging that hole Bennett!!!!!!!!!!

  7. R.P. Bennett says:

    Another Follow up on Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W Bennett Aka Wyatt Earpstein AKA Wayne Bennett Aka R.W. Bennett and God knows who else……

    Bennett is now going back and forth on his Domain site making changes on previous posts. He’s been adding, deleting, changing, modifying, and totally screwing himself up. He is posting things that are so miss leading and lies that it’s just getting comical.

    Bennett has realized that he screwed up on my Dad Military Service and by his own doing admitted that my Dad entered the service and was in WWII stationed in Germany at the age of fifteen. My Dad turned 15 on November 25, 1946 and was in Germany on December 4, 1946 as I have stated before and his tour of duty was not completed until July 4, 1948. He copied information I have on Facebook and put it on his site so not to look stupid “The reason for this date is that President Harry S. Truman did not declare an official end to hostilities until the last day of 1946”. It was really a Presidential Proclamation Declaring The Official End To World War II. Bennett was just a little to late making this statement because we now have four versions of his Domain Site.

    Bennett has totally screwed himself up about my mothers estate and claimed “The Will is adopted by the court yet $45,000.00 is supposedly to Robert Bennett but the Court just recently required MORE filings so the Prosecutor might get involved before he actually gets the blood money. Simply put: estate approx. $200,000.00 MINUS $45,000.00 is $155,000.00. Legals guessed at $40K (he started blaming me for using $100,000.00 for legal fees)is $115,000.00 estate worth. Speaks for itself. Beneficiaries ripped off. Don’t believe me? READ the FILES.”
    This statement is nothing but made up crap by Bennett because none of this happened. I have already received by funds and the Concealment of Assets and Will Contest have been closed with prejudice. The Prosecutor has never been involved and no more filings were required by the Court. The Administer has until November 1, 2013 to finalized the rest of my mothers estate and Bennett has no idea of the amount of my mothers estate, attorney fees by Burke and the Administrator. My attorney fees were paid by myself and not from the estate because that was part of our agreement. Again, more hot air from Bennett.

    Bennett stated that my Dad’s brother Allen will be adding commentary soon. Now that should be interesting because Allen and Everett who are my Dad’s brothers gave their consent for me to relocated my Dad to Ohio and his son Allen, JR. met Adam and I in Tacoma to go and get my Dad and bring him to Ohio. This is more lies by Bennett and I would suggest he leave Allen alone because Allen knew how Dad felt him and Allen and his wife Nancy felt the same.

    Lastly, Bennett has added things on his Domain about this Site Administrator for the sole purpose to try and make this person look as being deceptive but I can tell you that there are certain family that would trust him over Bennett any day of the week. This Administrator need not be afraid of this phony Bennett person because he is all smoke and mirrors.

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