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All this talk about all these fantasy investigators are looking into this and that and all these fantasy attorneys are going to do this and that is nothing but a figment of this moron’s imagination in his fantasy world of make believe.

All this clown tries to do is to make people think he is this big bad ass that’s coming to get you when all he is doing is puffing smoke to try and scare you into thinking he’s somebody when he is actually nothing but a scumbag that has lived his entire adult life taking advantage of people and screwing over anyone he can scam. If he ever had an honest day or did an honest thing in his life Hell would freeze over.

I called this Steve Wilkos show and talked with Bree at the phone number (203-564-5227) he left on one of his gurgling rants and was told that she had no idea who this maggot was or remembered ever talking to him and when I explained who he was and why we were looking for his dumb ass she wished me luck with finding this creep.

I also called this other number that was suppose to belong to his attorneys Mike Arnold and Mike Anthony at (310)972-1438 which showed belonging to a Brian McMorris and that number was disconnected. I even called twice to make sure I called it correctly the first time. Again, more of the same BS coming out of this Mega BS’er which didn’t surprise me in the least.

I then made five separate calls to him the last few days and the last one being today and guess what? He would never answer his phone but had a message saying that he doesn’t answer private or unknown callers and to leave a message that he can put in some stupid file for future reference but yet in more then one of his gurgling phone calls to the administrator he stated that we were cowards to answer our phones and that he always answered his.

More BS to have people believe that he was this big macho man but is nothing but a coward himself and hides under his rock. I’m still waiting for that call for the fantasy investigator and attorney but I won’t hold my breath or I will beat this maggot to the grave.

We now come to my Mom and Dad and how they felt about him and his so called making peace with them and stated so in many of his gurgling rants. Well you can read them for yourself in their own handwriting as to what they thought of this puke. I told you Wayne that I would be posting things on here so here it is and I have more so just keep up with the crap.

I have also posted a document from 1984 from a visit he made to the hospital and on that you will see his name as Richard W. BenNeth, born on 7/14/44 (Should be 1946) and his occupation as an ATTORNEY. This was another of his many professions/scams that he has professed to be and that list is as long as your arm.

Lastly for this posting we have a man that attacked me and my Dad about our military service. My Dad retired Honorably from the United States Air Force and had has been credited for serving in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and I have his medals and documents to prove it. I served in the United States Navy and completed six years of service Honorably and have the documents to prove it and the medals I have earned.

Wayne on the other hand Deserted the United States Marine Corp and was Dishonorably Discharged according to FBI files. He also claimed to have been awarded the Silver Star and Two Purple Hearts for his Vietnam service which is nothing but a fabricated lie. We even set him up with a story about my service to keep him pinging to hopefully catch him but found out that all the phone numbers he calls from are cell phones in others names probably buying phone cards or android app to conceal his identity but one day he will screw up and I will be there in his face and God bless him when that day comes. He still harps about this story we made up even though through this site and phone calls he knows it was fabricated to get him. He has run out of lies and garbage and will grasp at anything he can or make anything up to attack me and the administrator of this site but who is the one hiding???????????

Try a free background check.

Till next time……

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