Brother Exposes Richard Wayne Bennett’s Telephone Threats and Lies


devil-ricahrd-wayne-bennett-attacks-brother-and-others-via-telephone-threatsIn a series of phone calls that have all been put on this site for anyone and everyone to listen to and make their own determination as to who is the sickest individual you will ever hear from or spout the most insane comments and garbage that can come out of a so called human being’s mouth, you haven’t heard it until you listen to these phone calls.  They are from a deranged and the most sickening person that God could ever put on this earth but I think this is a situation where the Devil won over and put this bastard here to try mans patience.

In a particular phone call that was made on March 17, 2014, that is posted here, Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett aka Wayne Bennett and other alias gives a phone number (203) 564-5227 to an individual/representative named Bree from this radio talk show by the name of “The Steve Wilkos Show” which he has done before in one of his gurgling rants and says that he has talked with this lady and says that she wants to know more about this administrator and myself then interested and wanting to know about himself so I’m going to take him up on that and we’ll see where that goes but unlike him I will back up anything and everything with facts not bullshit.

This sick bastard then makes a comment in this message that I (fucked up buddy in Ohio)killed my Mother and that she was a good lady and he had made peace with her thanks to her dislike for the administrator of this site but yet this same bastard sent e-mails and made phone calls to Attorneys, News Agency’s and others very recently claiming that my Mother was a tramp and sold herself to any Jack or Bob to get us a free ride to the United States and that we aided her in that deception.  I will post those e-Mails on this site very quickly along with the actual letters from my Mom and Dad telling him exactly what they thought of him right up to the day they both passed away.

He basically denied being a sexual predator yet I personally know of three under age Teenage girls that he has violated and took advantage of the last being a 14 year old girl in Lee County, Alabama in May/June of 2012 and left the state before the Lee County Sheriff’s Department could get him.  I have five witnesses (some being family members) to that incident and he has admitted to it as well.

This sick twisted bastard seems to like talking about being homosexual and brings this up in many of his gurgling rants. It’s hard to understand him at times because his HIV has not only affected his brain but has effected his voice as well but I have been told that he is bi-sexual and just maybe he has been involved with some of the wrong crowd both in and out of prison but enjoys talking trash and associating the administrator of this site and myself as being what he is. Just to set the record straight and we are both straight, I have never met this administrator in person but through family over the phone or through e-mail and the U.S. Mail this last twenty plus years.

We were notified yesterday that this bastard has cleaned out his personal Facebook account under Wayne Bennett and has removed photos and the like that he had stolen from others but still shows his son Devon and Devon and Kitty’s child that he stole from Kitty’s Facebook and this jerk doesn’t even spell her name right and has never seen her and has not seen Devon for about eight years now and has never met Kitty.  We have copied everything he has ever posted on this Facebook and the other accounts he set up under my name and that of this administrator to use as evidence against him when the day comes and he has to answer for his character attacks and Identity Fraud plus much more of myself and family and this administrator so removing it is and was useless.

My next posting on here will be quite interesting because they will be original documents and letters from my parents and from himself so until next time……


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3 thoughts on “Brother Exposes Richard Wayne Bennett’s Telephone Threats and Lies

  1. The DEVIL!! says:

    This is better entertainment than I could pay for!! Where is the “Wanted for Rape” you whacko’s. MY statcounter shows only you two at this site other than when I need a laugh!! Moved any Battleships Lately or saved any business from financial disaster? Nats been busy? Fuck, I am going golfing and you are in hiding!! Big Bad BOB. Phone superman who can only rant–as does most menopausal women– and is a toothless wanna be who now uses his pathological offspring to make calls.LOL. Doing a Police Fundraiser this weekend. Warrants. Wanted Felon. What a fucking joke. BTW, you guy’s tieing the knot soon? Maybe you can have conjugals in the joint. You are definitely headed there. And I will be the one who relentlessly goes after you both. Oh, our “cookies” are better than yours!!

    • R.P. Bennett says:


      Well, Well we got a little reaction out of the Psycho but again from under your rock. If you want to believe that Dave and I are the only ones looking at your gurgling rants, I have news for you but do we care about what you think one way or the other? We could care less but maggot, I will ask you once again, where are the attorneys, the investigators and if you don’t have to hide then just tell us where you are. That’s a pretty simple thing to answer.

      You say your going golfing and doing a Police fund raiser then just tell us where it is. You say I’m in hiding? From who? You? Now that has me laughing my ass off. Dave and I are the wacko’s? Now that’s one for the books. Maybe you should listen to your own messages and tell yourself who is the wacko and look up the meaning while your at it.

      Wayne, you really need to do something about this hangup you have about homosexual tendencies because you seem to be really stuck on it. You remember the old saying “it takes one to know one”!!! Wayne you seem to be a professional on the subject. Maybe that should be your next profession or is it already? LOL…

      Now you gurgling again that Dave and I are headed to jail (the joint as you put it). Let’s see, we have been hearing that for years but HMMMMMM (as you like to say) We’re still here but if I ever find you it will be quite different for you! HMMMMMMM

      That last post on your Facebook, now that is quite the joke. Coward, scum as you put it. Your the meaning of Coward and Scum. Again, if your not afraid of us then just tell us where you are. That seems pretty simple to me! Your relentlessly going after us? Let me make it easy for you. Tell me where you are and I’ll be there. Sounds pretty simple to me. Let me end your search before you die so you can die happy. I would hate to know that you croaked before being to succeed in your lifelong search! When you die Wayne and I find where they threw what was left of you in a hole I will piss on your grave you bastard!!!!!!!! Afraid of you? HMMMMMMM What a laugh!!!

  2. R.P. Bennett says:


    All this talk about all these fantasy investigators are looking into this and that and all these fantasy attorneys are going to do this and that is nothing but a figment of this moron’s imagination in his fantasy world of make believe.

    All this clown tries to do is to make people think he is this big bad ass that’s coming to get you when all he is doing is puffing smoke to try and scare you into thinking he’s somebody when he is actually nothing but a scumbag that has lived his entire adult life taking advantage of people and screwing over anyone he can. If he ever had an honest day or did an honest thing in his life Hell would freeze over.

    I called this Steve Wilkos show and talked with Bree at the phone number (203-564-5227) he left on one of his gurgling rants and was told that she had no idea who this maggot was or remembered ever talking to him and when I explained who he was and why we were looking for his dumb ass she wished me luck with finding this creep.

    I also called this other number that was suppose to belong to his attorneys Mike Arnold and Mike Anthony at (310)972-1438 which showed belonging to a Brian McMorris and that number was disconnected. I even called twice to make sure I called it correctly the first time. Again, more of the same BS coming out of this Mega BS’er which didn’t surprise me in the least.

    I then made five separate calls to him the last few days and the last one being today and guess what? He would never answer his phone but had a message saying that he doesn’t answer private or unknown callers and to leave a message that he can put in some stupid file for future reference but yet in more then one of his gurgling phone calls to the administrator he stated that we were cowards to answer our phones and that he always answered his.

    More BS to have people believe that he was this big macho man but is nothing but a coward himself and hides under his rock. I’m still waiting for that call for the fantasy investigator and attorney but I won’t hold my breath or I will beat this maggot to the grave.

    We now come to my Mom and Dad and how they felt about him and his so called making peace with them and stated so in many of his gurgling rants. Well you can read them for yourself in their own handwriting as to what they thought of this puke. I told you Wayne that I would be posting things on here so here it is and I have more so just keep up with the crap.

    I have also posted a document from 1984 from a visit he made to the hospital and on that you will see his name as Richard W. BenNeth, born on 7/14/44 (Should be 1946) and his occupation as an ATTORNEY. This was another of his many professions/scams that he has professed to be and that list is as long as your arm.

    Lastly for this posting we have a man that attacked me and my Dad about our military service. My Dad retired Honorably from the United States Air Force and had has been credited for serving in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and I have his medals and documents to prove it. I served in the United States Navy and completed six years of service Honorably and have the documents to prove it and the medals I have earned.

    Wayne on the other hand Deserted the United States Marine Corp and was Dishonorably Discharged according to FBI files. He also claimed to have been awarded the Silver Star and Two Purple Hearts for his Vietnam service which is nothing but a fabricated lie. We even set him up with a story about my service to keep him pinging to hopefully catch him but found out that all the phone numbers he calls from are cell phones in others names probably buying phone cards or android app to conceal his identity but one day he will screw up and I will be there in his face and God bless him when that day comes. He still harps about this story we made up even though through this site and phone calls he knows it was fabricated to get him. He has run out of lies and garbage and will grasp at anything he can or make anything up to attack me and the administrator of this site but who is the one hiding???????????

    Till next time……

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