Wanted Felon’s Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

Further comments and thoughts on the actions of Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett and other Alias….

Financial exploitation - If it's not your money, it's a crime.In going through Court testimony having to do with the Elderly 78 year old Boyd, Fraud Through Deception and I came across a comment made by Bennett when being questioned by the Prosecutor and it states:

QUOTE: Bennett testified that he began “Mismanaging” funds after he went to Canada to be with a cousin who was undergoing surgery for a brain tumor that later proved fatal.  “it was a situation where the stress caused me to start drinking,” Bennett said, “When I came back to Aberdeen, I was pretty well drinking every day.”

This is the biggest crock of crap and a total lie.   Too bad I didn’t know about Boyd at the time.

What does this show?  A person that has no regard for anyone.  He is hated to this day and what makes it worse is his defrauding of Mr. Boyd.

Bennett attacked me on his smear site and promised that he was working on another website under construction to attack me even further and,

“thanked David M. Masters for this because without him we would not have this.  You see, this quote from the post says it all.  It goes like this, short and sweet:  “I already have received by money-oh don’t sweat the typo from him as I wanted this EXACTLY as he said it but I think he meant “my” money”.  Now what money is that exactly?  Seems to me it is $45,000.00 of the estate meant for the beneficiaries because his mother only provided for “furniture” in her will dated November 16, 2010.”

What Bennett is failing to say is that the annuities were not part of my mothers estate until I agreed to make them so and in mediation agreed to keep $45,000.00 and the rest be put into the estate for my children, Grandchildren, Niece and Nephews.  Bennett even made out because instead of $1.00 he will receive $1,000.00 and only because I decided to go with the will of November, 2010 and not the Will of May, 2008.

Another Bennett Quote:

“You need to give credit to SANE people who can READ and understand.  WHY DID YOU GET $45,000.00?  Did my past have anything to do with THAT?  THIS question WILL NOT GO AWAY.  IT will be on you (should be your) doorstep as long as I am alive AND THEN someone else will take over if you are still around.  TELL your children and mine WHY you reduced their inheritance?  Will you give them what is rightfully theirs?  No.  NOT a chance.  Oh, a dozen more email sent with the County PROBATE files.  ONE is all it takes to open the investigation.  Want to bet the odds?  OR you could return the money you hustled from the grandchildren before it becomes YOUR restitution.”

The actions of Bennett are so predictable.  His MO (Modus Operandi) is the same in which he attacks anyone that doesn’t think in the warped manner as he does.  What is the meaning of Modus Operandi?  Let’s see; A method of procedure; especially: a distinct pattern or method of operation that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime… this fit’s Bennett to a tee.  Also Bennett is a Megalomaniac; a psycopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, wealth pr omnipotence (being all powerful), inflated sense of self-esteem and the list goes on.

In simple terms Bennett is crazy……

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2 thoughts on “Wanted Felon’s Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

  1. R.P. Bennett says:

    Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett spreading more insane garbage in his smear site…..

    This was posted either June 12, or June 13, 2013 on the domain site set up to smear me and to spread his hatred and lies….

    Bennett Quote:

    “What more can I say to show this site to be 100% correct about Robert Paul Bennett. I have stated he hired an Attorney, Laurie Mickley, to try to defend the attempted theft/conversion of $200,000.00 from his own mother that was to be the inheritance for her grandchildren. AND this megalomaniac POSTS the agreement he entered to try to carry out his conversion of the Grandchildrens money? He really doesn’t get it?”

    Just to correct him once again, I posted a copy of the Contract on my Face-book where I hired Laurie (Mickley) McDonnell in “Matters relating to Richard W. Bennett” in his attack and slandering me through different media, social sites and the internet which is a Federal Crime.

    Bennett needs to understand one thing that he just can’t seen to grasp. My children and myself do not care what he has to say about my mothers estate because it doesn’t concern him and if he cared as he says then why didn’t he try to do something about it when we gave him the opportunity to do so?? This is the last time that I will address this issue because frankly I don’t give a crap and neither do my children what he thinks about anything and we will have a wonderful Fathers Day but what is he going to do for Fathers Day?? Nothing because his children don’t give a crap about him!

    We also don’t care what he has to say about my Dad’s funeral or burial because he wasn’t there because he knew and was told by my mother through family that if he showed up he would be escorted away. HE WAS NOT WELCOME!!!

    There was never any peace between my parents and Bennett in fact quite the opposite right up to the death of both of them. Bennett is trying to play on peoples feeling by lying that they made peace and all was forgiven. What CRAP!! If that was so why did Bennett on my phone leave a message that said “I don’t give a shit about mom, I just want to know where the money is.” and that I won’t be coming back to Washington again. This was in November, 2009 and we both know what BS that was. I still have the four recordings of his calls during that time.

    Bennett Quote: First repeating something I posted on Face-book and then his response about Mount Cashel Orphanage;

    “told him one day that God sent him to US?–US/ AS IN YOU?—He is the most incredible person I have ever had the honor of knowing. His name is Geoff Budden of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. If you ever meet him—Shake his hand!!!! (OH, he quickly removed THAT lie from his Facebook) WHAT Fricking nerve to associate “PAUL BENNETT”-his name and experiences–with the victims of Mount Cashel Orphanage! Anothing (meant nothing) showing of crazt TODAY. He had no more to do with that–or Mr. Budden–than the man in the moon. ROBERT BENNETT–now the Mount Cashel victim-LMAO MANY TIMES.”

    First I did not quickly remove any reference to Mount Cashel on my Face-book as he stated but in fact it is still there and will remain there along with the letter I received from Geoff Budden dated Mat 22, 2013 stating we reached a settlement. I put that letter on my Face-book only because you Bennett had attacked me over it and it had become a significant press story in Newfoundland and around the world so I would not be saying something that people didn’t already know through the media. Do I care what you think or believe? Are you kidding me Bennett? I don’t give a crap what you believe or don’t believe because you are nothing to me or mine and have no say what so ever. See unlike you I have been proven to be honest and telling the truth about my involvement in Mount Cashel and what you think one way or the others means Nothing to any of us.

    Bennett, all you have managed to do on your smear site is to show people just what everyone already knows about you and if anyone ever needed medical help to deal with your mental condition is YOU!!!!

    You keep making it easier and easier for me to prove your slander against me and hopefully helping me rid you from society before you hurt some other unaware sucker. Keep it coming big boy and again tell us how to contact you. Tell me where your physically living. Give me an address big boy. Let’s see your bravery not your cowardly side big boy…..I won’t hold my breath…What a joke you are!!!

  2. Rick Frisk says:

    Finally, after all these years, we see who Bennett really is. I’m filing charges against him, too. Not that I ever expect to get a dime back, but if he might have to pay in additional time; it’d be worth it.

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