Richard W Bennett Twitter Attack Continues


RWBEE1 Richard Bennett

why don’t you apply your skills with truth and integrity instead of so many scams and false things? It’s NOT to late. I did it, so can you.

@davidmmasters states he has many people achieving their life-long dreams with a level of financial security that is staggering. WHO?

see recent photo of scammaster on on twitter @scamchaser

@davidmmasters The only hero is himself except when he could use someone else to get attention. His Bio is a lie. His life is still a lie.

I know who I once was and what it took to turn it around. Man up–or are you still the “Rat Boy” my son Devon called you?

@davidmmasters He only moves at night as his posts are in the wee hours> Can’t sleep scammaster

@davidmmasters never use my children to advance a life of lies and deceit or one Kudo from them to make me look like a “Hero” to others.

@davidmmasters ..been in places that most would not accept or survive, including 13 months in Viet Nam. Masters, not even the Boy Scouts!!

@davidmmasters “He would write a eulogy to a snail if he thought it would get him attention”

@davidmmasters Cfiles coming back to get you!!

@davidmmasters HA HA!! Business consultant, public speaker, professional life coach, author. Expertise in multiple modalities. WHERE?

@davidmmasters gave you a chance. You nail Aaron. have a BIG suprize for you. You did EXACTLY as we expected. That’s what scammers do

@davidmmasters Removing this for Sascha’s sake.

@davidmmasters still living the lie you mean.

google David M Masters Scam or go to

@davidmmasters $1000.00 reward to the person who helps uncover this scammer. 360-261-1273 or 503-484-7724 for details.

$1000.00 reward to anyone who successfully helps uncover scammer DAVID M. MASTERS. Call 360-261-1273 for details

@davidmmasters $1000.00 reward to any person who successfully participates in uncovering @DavidmMasters. Call 360-261-1273 for details

@davidmmasters Jeez. Can’t you come upon with something better than trash Aaron’s good name because you try to hide YOU.

@davidmmasters SCAMMER!!

@davidmmasters I just paid a nice sum to gather ALL than I can publish on twitter about you. FRAUD

@davidmmasters . You should be called “cliche man” as you cannot speak for yourself except in cliche’s

@davidmmasters BUT IT IS ALL TRUE, Scammer, liar, fraud


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One thought on “Richard W Bennett Twitter Attack Continues

  1. Richard Bennett says:

    Think you can keep us off twitter? WE HAVE YOU. JUST SHOWED your on twitter to a real webmaster who will tear you UPPPP!!

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