Richard W Bennett Attack and Slander Mount Cashel Orphanage

Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett spreading more insane garbage in his smear site…..

This was posted either June 12, or June 13, 2013 on the domain site set up to smear me and to spread his hatred and lies….

Bennett Quote:

“What more can I say to show this site to be 100% correct about Robert Paul Bennett.  I have stated he hired an Attorney, Laurie Mickley, to try to defend the attempted theft/conversion of $200,000.00 from his own mother that was to be the inheritance for her grandchildren. AND this megalomaniac POSTS the agreement he entered to try to carry out his conversion of the Grandchildrens money?  He really doesn’t get it?”

Just to correct him once again, I posted a copy of the Contract on my Face-book where I hired Laurie (Mickley) McDonnell in “Matters relating to Richard W. Bennett” in his attack and slandering me through different media, social sites and the internet which is a Federal Crime.

Bennett needs to understand one thing that he just can’t seen to grasp.  My children and myself do not care what he has to say about my mothers estate because it doesn’t concern him and if he cared as he says then why didn’t he try to do something about it when we gave him the opportunity to do so??  This is the last time that I will address this issue because frankly I don’t give a crap and neither do my children what he thinks about anything and we will have a wonderful Fathers Day but what is he going to do for Fathers Day??  Nothing because his children don’t give a crap about him!

We also don’t care what he has to say about my Dad’s funeral or burial because he wasn’t there because he knew and was told by my mother through family that if he showed up he would be escorted away.  HE WAS NOT WELCOME!!!

There was never any peace between my parents and Bennett in fact quite the opposite right up to the death of both of them.  Bennett is trying to play on people’s feelings by lying that they made peace and all was forgiven.  What CRAP!!  If that was so why did Bennett on my phone leave a message that said “I don’t give a shit about mom, I just want to know where the money is.” and that “I won’t be coming back to Washington again.”  This was in November, 2009 and we both know what BS that was.  I still have the four recordings of his calls during that time.

mount cashel orphanage richard w bennettBennett Quote: First repeating something I posted on Face-book and then his response about Mount Cashel Orphanage;

“told him one day that God sent him to US?–US/ AS IN YOU?—He is the most incredible person I have ever had the honor of knowing.  His name is Geoff Budden of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland.  If you ever meet him—Shake his hand!!!! (OH, he quickly removed THAT lie from his Facebook) WHAT Fricking nerve to associate “PAUL BENNETT”-his name and experiences–with the victims of Mount Cashel Orphanage! Anothing (meant nothing) showing of crazt TODAY.  He had no more to do with that–or Mr. Budden–than the man in the moon.  ROBERT BENNETT–now the Mount Cashel victim-LMAO MANY TIMES.”

First I did not quickly remove any reference to Mount Cashel on my Face-book as he stated but in fact it is still there and will remain there along with the letter I received from Geoff Budden dated Mat 22, 2013 stating we reached a settlement.  I put that letter on my Face-book only because you Bennett had attacked me over it and it had become a significant press story in Newfoundland and around the world so I would not be saying something that people didn’t already know through the media. Do I care what you think or believe?  Are you kidding me Bennett?  I don’t give a crap what you believe or don’t believe because you are nothing to me or mine and have no say what so ever.  See unlike you I have been proven to be honest and telling the truth about my involvement in Mount Cashel and what you think one way or the others means Nothing to any of us.

Bennett, all you have managed to do on your smear site is to show people just what everyone already knows about you and if anyone ever needed medical help to deal with your mental condition is YOU!!!!

You keep making it easier and easier for me to prove your slander against me and hopefully helping me rid you from society before you hurt some other unaware sucker.  Keep it coming big boy and again tell us how to contact you.  Tell me where your physically living.  Give me an address big boy.  Let’s see your bravery not your cowardly side big boy…..I won’t hold my breath…What a joke you are!!!

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3 thoughts on “Richard W Bennett Attack and Slander Mount Cashel Orphanage

  1. R.P. Bennett says:


    In Bennett’s last attack on his smear domain site which I or my attorney are probably the only ones following and documenting, Bennett makes some more IDIOTIC COMMENTS;

    Bennett Quote:
    “Yes, I DID many things BUT I got on the stand 15 years ago and admitted it!! And paid both in freedom AND restitution Is that the best you can do?”

    I would like for Bennett to show that he paid restitution to anyone including Boyd that he took for over $100,000.00 or the 79 year old woman he took for $40,000.00 on her American Express Card that he coned her into putting his name on and she ended up being sued by American Express or the countless other people he scammed for thousands and thousands of dollars over the years in his crooked dealings. How about the $32,000.00 you cost my parents on the Cessna you coned them into buying and crashed in Arizona that caused them to file BANKRUPTCY!! You have the nerve to accuse me of wrong doing you Fricken Scumbag!!! You that have ruined so many lives and didn’t even break a sweat while you were ripping these people off??? God, your the most Reprehensible, Unconscionable, Twisted jerk off I have ever come across. You have the nerve to accuse me of theft upon my mother??? You are the most vile and sickening SOB that God ever put a breath of life into you maggot!!!

    Bennett Quote:
    You, will you admit you abused and stole from your own mother to the day she died? and finished the job stealing from your children just this week? Do you believe for a second anyone believes you now?” and “Fricking vermin who steals from the mother who gave birth to you.”

    Let me tell you something you sick twisted piece of dung, thanks to me I helped Mom over the years to earn almost $900,000.00 in income from her Labor and Industry Pension and SSI. You had the nerve to accused her and me of DEFRAUDING the State of Washington on a Slip and Fall while working at Brown Haley. Mom and I didn’t fraud anyone. I didn’t steal a dime from Mom or Dad and I have no criminal record of doing so and if I do as you said let’s see your proof as you have been asked to do more than once. You are so used to lying that you believe your own lies. You are a very sick person!!!

    This is a Motion to Approve and Judgement Entry filed with the Probate Court by both Mr. Moore and myself over my Mothers estate and can be found under, Motion to Approve, and Judgement Entry, that will tell the truth not the made up crap Bennett has been putting on his slime site.

    Finally for the last time I paid my own attorney fees out of my own pocket and the above links will state that. Once again Bennett is nothing but a deceiving no good liar as he’s been all his adult life!!!!

  2. R.P. Bennett says:


    These are further postings by both the Administrator, Mr. Moore and myself in the Probate Court under Case # 213191

    This shows that all party’s involved were served by the Court including Richard W. Bennett AKA Laurence W. Bennett who never responded to being served or to adds being run in News Papers for a period of Six Weeks…

    This shows that after all party’s were served and no response within the allotted time allowed by law the Court ordered the Default Judgement.

    I will make note that the only response received from anyone to any attorney involved came from Richard W. Bennett but not through Legal Council to the Court. He was hounding Mr. Moore and as shown in one of the documents the Court found that Bennett’s involvement with Mr. Moore had no weight or bearing on the Estate of Elizabeth M. Swanson and totally disregarded anything having to do with him or anything he had to say.

    Bennett did send a letter directly to the Court dated in December, 2012 but not received by the Court until March, 2013 with no return address and included a letter that he claimed was written by his ex-wife and gave a phone number where she could be contacted but when that number was called we were told that she had left her employment that previous September, 2012. When I contacted his ex-wife I was told by her that she never wrote any letter for Bennett to Attorney Moore or made the comments contained within that letter to Attorney Moore. I might add in her defense that the letter was typed and had a typed signature. Bennett had written to the Court making some off the wall claims that everyone in the family knew to be false and the Court never responded to his claims. Why didn’t he make those claims through and be represented by Legal Council? Go Figure!!!

    I will also note that the only person to show up at the mediation hearing of February 26, 2013 was my step daughter and her attorney along with two of my attorneys, Mr. Moore and his attorney and the attorney that was acting as mediator. Through this entire ordeal this scumbag Richard W. Bennett, who wants you to believe that he’s this caring son of my mother never made an appearance but hounded some of the attorneys by phone or e-mail. He never had the guts to face me or my family in person but to do his dirty work in the dark as he has done all of his adult life.

    To believe anything this Bennett has to say with the known record he has and admitting to be a Pathological Liar and all the other things he has been involved in you would have to be a perfect candidate for one of his scams.

    Bennett takes things coming from an Attorney that agreed to withdraw and remove himself as Trustee and Representing my mother along with his Law Firm to avoid Ethical Violations and be replaced by Attorney Moore at my request in a mediation hearing held September, 2012. His attorney Mr. Tim Moore doing his job had to deal with the Concealment of Assets case first filed by attorney Burke. We went through the complete process and Tim Moore filed for Summary Judgement, as he had to do but the Court never ruled on the Summary Judgement and we knew that it wouldn’t but we were prepared to answer if necessary.

    Bennett keeps attacking me on the Annuities. Bennett doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about but again going by what some attorney had claimed without any proof and resigned along with his law firm over the possibility of facing ethical violations but had we gone to Court as I was prepared to do and asked for a Jury Trial if necessary had 19 documents to produce to the Court to show that this attorney had lied to the Court and don’t think for a moment that some attorneys don’t lie. I can still bring charges against this attorney and employees of the law firm and file suit in Civil Court for Legal Malpractice and other charges. Just as I’m prepared to do with Bennett if he will ever have the guts to tell us where he is but he can still be found and he had better know it…

    He will slip up because he can’t help himself. He can’t shut up and go away and that will be his downfall…If he was smart he would shut down that slime site of his and disappear back under his rock but not him. No, he’ll keep spouting his crap that no one cares about and one contact he had on Face-book called him a phony and he is only 11 or 12 years old. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure Bennett out.

    Bennett, don’t you think it strange that your the only one making noise and no one else??? By the way that money I received less attorney fees—I bought my Daughter a brand new Mazda2 for her 16th birthday and my son a brand new 2013 Yamaha dirt bike and when Adam comes back from Basic Training in the fall I’m going to replace his car with a new Mazda6. So I guess the money I received is going to my children and the others are going to get theirs as I agree to do!!! You see Bennett I don’t need the money, it was just the principal of it. So you Bennett can go to your cave where you belong…..

    I’m actually starting to enjoy this…Letting people know just what a maggot and scumbag you are….

  3. R.P. Bennett says:


    Just a quick update to make sure the record is visible to all who wish to read these posts.



    Never let it be said that I would try to hide the truth. The Court documents speak for themselves and not made up crap or wishful thinking as Bennett’s slime site would like for you to think….Don’t let the truth hit you in the ass Bennett!!!!!

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