Cyber Attack by Narcissistic Psychopath

In Richard W Bennett’s ridiculous, narcissistic, juvenile and sociopathic attempt to discredit this site’s administrator, he spammed the Internet with hundreds of fraudulent reports on sites that would allow the posting of un-moderated comments. The cyberbullying posts were made both anonymously and with fake personas created by Bennett to flood the Internet with ignorant and false propaganda.

The defamation cyber attacks occurred from March 14th through March 15th, and according to site administrators who reported the Internet assaults, also reported other information that is useful in tracking down the perpetrator of the slanderous assaults.

Bennett targeted Masters’ twitter followers and used the postings to promote the main scam-site that he uses to attack Masters via his online smear campaign. Bennett has been attempting to fraudulently accuse Masters of heinous wrongdoing ever since July 4, 2009.

As with all psychopaths, Bennett will seek to discredit or attack anyone who dares stand in his way, and he has thusly declared his unrelenting war against Masters; even when his own interests would have been better served walking away from him. Had he just left him and his family free from his attacks, this site would not be here, and you might not have access to the information provided herein. He would then be free to con any unsuspecting victims who would not have access to this data.

This site has not war against Bennett; we do not care about him one way or the other; any war that exists is only in his own mind. It is clear that he is who he is and if this has not become apparent to the reader, either by his words or actions; his true colors will be revealed to all one day… as always happens at some point in his life-long criminal career.

We express our heart-felt gratitude to all the site admins and victims (or potential victims) who have contacted us in our efforts to hinder Bennett’s schemes.


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