Richard Bennett Beth Swanson Endorsement Letter

Beth and Jack Swanson

August 19, 2002

To whom it may concern:

We saw the children while their father was in prison. The last four years we got to see them more often and talk to them by phone. They seem to be well cared for and pretty well adjusted. We hope we will see more of Sascha and Aaron in the future.

Now that the communications have been good for the last four-plus years, with Shelley and having the children around, it isn’t hard to realize she is a good mother and a caring mother. Her first duties are to Sascha and Aaron.

We met Dave about three-and-a-half years ago when we took Dave, Shelley, Aaron and Sascha out to eat. Dave is participating in all of their sports and activities and it appears that they like him very much.

Children are smarter than they get credit for in some cases. Their biological father, Laurence W. Bennett, often ordered the children to return gifts that were sent to them from their Nana and their Grandpa Jack.

Children need grand parents as well as parents.

Children do not need absentee parents. They need as much of a stable life as possible in this day and age.

We played no role in the marriage of Laurence Bennett.

Laurence Bennett was not taken from his biological father, nor was his brother, Paul. Laurence A. Bennett, Sr. abandoned his sons and I did the best that I could to keep the boys together.

Their father was an abusive alcoholic, always had money for his habit, but nothing for his family.

Laurence and his brother Paul were placed in a boys orphanage so that I could work to support them there.

We have given Laurence W. Bennett many chances as well as money that he never returned. It’s better that we don’t have any communications with Laurence W. Bennett.

There are so many people that would think themselves so lucky. Laurence made his own choices. We do hope that some day he would like himself as much as he hates us for giving him a better life.

He could have gone back to his biological father any time he wanted to in the last 43 years.

He did make many visits to Newfoundland. Why didn’t he just stay there?

‘Abandoned’ is no surprise. Laurence had abandoned two of his young children in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are in total agreement with Jean A. Cotton’s letter, dated June 19, 2002.

Beth and Jack Swanson


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4 thoughts on “Richard Bennett Beth Swanson Endorsement Letter

  1. richardwbennett says:

    I already got that and I have Paul’s info and will get the Lawyer’s info tomorrow. Seems he might have a few windmills ahead himself. As I really don’t want her-or anyone–except maybe you– to die in misery or squalor…. it is hard to forget the Orphanage and the way she treated Devon at Jack’s Memorial, which I have been waiting for her to pass as Jack’s Obit at Tahoma is a bit of B.S. Jack never served in WW2-would have been 12 years old– let alone trying to stop her grandson from getting into a much needed life saving environment, now that take’s revenge to another level, I will still put up when and if she needs it. I got my info with one hour of calls to the Air Force as Paul is using Jack’s retirement to pay for what the State and Fed programs don’t. She also has SSI and Disability retirement–which was defrauded from a Brown and Haley slip and fall. Paul pretended to be her Attorney in that one–(Shelley will still remember the “couch” move and the half cast on the wrong arm). She actually can get more than New Haven, but Paul is dipping in the $$pot as administrator as the car business hasn’t been that good to him. Ever. Thank goodness for Beau! The only Car person that I know that wouldn’t steal the eyebrows off your face and come back for the lashes!! And that goes from Ferrari to go-carts!!

    One thing clear, to ALL. I want NOTHING from her. I believe it was her intent to have her estate go to Sascha and Aaron as well as Dev and Richie. And, as I don’t know for sure, something to Paul’s side as she didn’t know them as well as Devon, Aaron, and Sascha. When Dev was in Drug rehab and doing very well, she was very angry at him because she couldn’t stop his try’s at staying clean and healthy. (A control thing she passed on to me, anyway). Weird Shit the whole thing. Actually called about every Northern California rehab AS well as CIS to tell them Devon was on the run!! ( As if they gave a shit. At $25,000 plus a pop, AND the donations etc, they are real happy to get the beds filled and kept full.That’s when I really had Caleb-my Attorney– get after her. And that’s another story.We used Sacramento to throw her AND his mother off track. Yes, even Elaine tried to stop him!! But when she found Southern Cal she started there. I was in the office at one when she called looking for him. We had he and Suzanne–with a non-de-plum–oops, nothing new to us, right? Anyway, she appeared to “make up” and told Devon that she bounced Paul from her will. And I talk to Newfoundland relatives and friends VERY often, and I heard something similar from there.

    All I would like from life now is that the kids get a fair shake. Kids? Guess I should say Sascha. I have a few others and I have TOTALLY reconnected and am very happy. One was graduated from Loma Linda just last May and is absolutely GORGEOUS, HONEST, CLASSY, and hates everyone who even thinks of me the wrong way.

    I know what I did to Shelley and Elaine and I will always try to make that up through good behavior with others. It really did take me longer than most, and the Walls wasn’t exactly a day camp. BUT, I DID walk the Big Yard!! And walked the Mainline But I will NOT, still, ever let kindness become mistaken for weakness.

    • R.P. Bennett says:

      I have never heard more BS pouring out of the mouth of a total sick lying SOB as I have read here. Wayne, you have been nothing but a total disgrace to your children and your family all of your adult life. Sascha and Aaron hated you so much that they changed their names so that people wouldn’t think you were their father. You made them ashamed to admit that they even knew you. When Aaron died in Afghanistan in 2009, you acted like some heartbroken father but yet you never cared about him when he was alive. You were never a father to him or any of your children. Sascha even gave a a chance to be a father to her and you screwed that up again and again. I have letters from mom and dad addressed to you as to how they felt and believe me they are not praising you for all the harm you have caused people all your life. Your a liar, a thief, a deserter, a rotten father, an ex-convict and everything else that is bad. You accuse me of taking from my family when I have always been there for them and I was not taken out of any Will but in fact the total opposite. I knew long before anyone else what was in mom and dads Wills because unlike you they trusted me. I did represent mom with her Labor and Industry Claim through Washington State with Judge Brown and never pretended to be an attorney but her son and I did get her a life long pension and she frauded no one. The only fraud here is you and when you make such claims you had better be able to back them up or you’ll find yourself in court defending those lies. I also helped her with her Social Security back in 1978. By the way I also have the papers from Social Security where you applied for Disability under the name of Larry Swanson, Hospital records showing you claimed to be an Attorney and much much more. Also, dad did serve in WWII. I have his service records to prove it and he received the WWII Victory Medal for his service along with 26 other medals. He joined when he was 15 years old thinking he was 17 and it wasn’t until 1978 that his records were corrected with the Air Force and he received a corrected birth certificate and legally making his name Swanson. His mother Rose always had him believe he was born in 1928 and was a Swanson when in fact he was born in 1931 and was an Errickson so once again your full of BS. Also, I was never a failure in the car business. When I retired in 2004 my yearly income was $83,000.00 and I was a Senior Business, Finace Officer and I did it legally not the way you made your living stealing from old people. Again Wayne when you make statements that are a lie you are held responsible for them and I would be very careful of what rolls out of your lying mouth. As far as who gets what from mom that is yet to be seen but mom did things and changed things that were her right to do and if anyone, especially you don’t like it—TUFF SHIT!!!!!!………..Paul

  2. AHN says:

    Very interesting topic, thank you for putting up.

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