Richard Ben-Neth aka Lawrence W Bennett Domestic Violence

Tacoma Police Department Case No: 85-057-002

Report Name Offense: Info Domestic Violence Vandalism

Type of premise: Apt Method: Broke window

Weapon: Unknown Date Report’d: 2-25-85 Time Occur: 2310
Location of Incident: 607 No. Yakima Census: 157 Dist: 1.4

Person Reporting Complaint: Shelley A Ben-Neth Race/Sex: W/F  Date of Birth: (censored) Home Phone: 383-5278

Suspect Verified: Ben-Neth, Richard ? Home Phone: ? Business Phone: 383-3144
Address: Unknown Occupation: Para-legal Place of Employment: ATTY’s Legal Support Relation to Victim: Husband Date of Birth: (censored) Race/Sex: W/M aka: Lawrence W. Bennett

ID of Reporting Officers: W Mason 081 W Budinich 370 J1-1 Approval: 021

Damage and Minor Property Loss: Damaged 6” by 12” Glass Window

Narrative: R/OS were dispatched to a vandalism at the listed address at 0027 hrs 2-26-85. We were to make contact with the victim at the 7-11 No 2nd and “I”

S. Ben-Neth told us that at approx. 2300 hrs she heard noises outside her apt. She then heard the voice of her estranged husband Richard yelling for her to let him in.

When she didn’t let him in, she heard a window break in the bedroom of her apt. & she ran out the front door, got in her car & went to the 7-11 to report it.

S. Ben-Neth related that she is getting a divorce from Richard. (he filed on her)

Richard has been bothering her quite often. And Shelley related that he has even assaulted her but she did not report it because she is afraid of him.

Shelley related that she met Richard at McNiel Island where she lived with her first husband, a correctional officer & Richard was a con.

R/OS ran a records check on Ben-Neth & no record was found. We had Records check with Seattle P.D. & found out his Aka or possibly a true name with some larceny background.

S. Ben-Neth was taken to the YWCA & advised of the Domestic Violence Unit & protective orders.

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7 thoughts on “Richard Ben-Neth aka Lawrence W Bennett Domestic Violence

  1. richard Bennett says:

    Obviously my offer to you at wasn’t concluded as I hoped or expected. You really need help. Please get it. I am out of here.

    • richardwbennett says:

      I have received no offer from you. Please make your offer known to me, in a reply here. I will not post it publicly. If it is reasonable, I will consider it, or at least engage in a civil negotiation between you and I.

  2. richard Bennett says:

    Add that Shelley is home sick. Of you and me and all of this. You must really hate her also. We have retained a Lawyer.

  3. richard Bennett says:

    Look Dave. Read my advice to you at Twitter. I have taken down the David M Masters twitter as I have accomplished, at great personal risk, my goals of pushing you over ethical limits. My friends AND family is now endeared to me. Including Shelley and Sascha. You can’t break that anymore as you once did. Quite frankly Dave, I had forgiven you but when you continued you web presence alligning YOU with Aaron was too much as I have been dealing with serious matters with the Army about Aaron’s death. It wasn’t as they stated in the AR16-5. If you really cared for Aaron as you profess, you would have considered the extent of how you damage him, Shelley, Sascha and others when his name is googled. They are not as strong as I am when dealing with you. That is a fact and if you use that in any way, you will not survive my next attack as I have “ONE” shot and that will be your downfall. I wish not to affect your family, but you don’t realize that YOU do more through your Internet presence than I ever could. Additionally, when you posted the horrible accusation to my posting a site in Aaron’s name, I pulled out all of the stops. YOU know that it was your garbage accusation AND met with a heavy response from Aaron’s friends directly to me. THEY wanted to support any action I would or could take against you. Especially those whom he served with. Your attempt to dishonor me communicated to him. BUT what you don’t know, is that I willfully tell of my past at MANY places to include drug and alcohol meetings so I am used to any response, positive or negative. I have a number of people employed to deal with you but I choose to keep this my action against you. JUST give up the BS Dave! YOU know that there isn’t much that is real on your sites. Oh, it is tough on the ego not to posture. I fight it every day, obviously. Sometimes it wins out, but I am conquering it more and more through admitting the past yet living in the presence. Try it and then ask you children how they feel about you. It will be better, I guarantee it.
    You are one of the best in what you do. JUST do it without all of the BS!! YOUR skills could make a major difference in my dealings with the Army and in getting true justice for Aaron. I cannot undo the years you participated in alienating me from my children. Shelley and I have read that Guardian many times. since you posted it years ago and she has admitted to what was so and I have admitted to what was so. YOUR turn. But YOU can make it better by doing the right thing all on your own. YOU have my word, which happens to be real strong in many places, I will not use anything against you as long as your right the wrongs done to Aaron because of your ego.
    Said with honesty,

  4. Richard Bennett says:

    I would not consider this a battle of semantics “offer”. I wish you to do it honorably and by yourself before it gets done for you. Add that I don’t remember the passwords for Myspace etc but would consider that gone also. You have so many under the radar sites that you will have a difficult time remembering all so I will be patient as long as I see progress. It is the right thing to do, Dave. You will be hearing from Shelley and her Attorney who will be dealing with you also. You could make it a lot easier tho’.

  5. Richard Bennett says:

    Oh, I am not a POF target. Which, BTW, they believe you were/are a “person of interest” when you try/tried your “dating” skills!! HAAAAAAAAAA. AND, I printed your site and all agree I am much better lookin’ now when compared to my old mug shots. DUMMY! They forgave Jim Bakker so why not me. The donations to drug programs. AIDS. Of course, Ben Franklin may be a reason. Or one of my Ferrari’s which I own outright. Maybe my coach, which I own. NO debt scumbag

  6. You resources have been subsantially supportive. Its like women and men are not prepared for the variety of truth that can be accumulated on someone who has lived an entire life of crime and deception. Your ability to provide factual data that stands the test of confirmation is outstanding, especially in linking the criminal activity of multiple alases. It would be helpful to post additional resources, verifiable information and connections to active accomplices.

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