Chuck Manning may help produce settlement monies for VSTC claimants Richard Bennett MD PhD

Chuck Manning may help produce settlement monies for VSTC claimants Richard Bennett MD PhD

Well, EX-GTX, for the first time I really find your answer offensive. This
person is as important in this matter as anyone else. Who knows what his/her
investment capabilities were? Maybe that money meant a lot of hard work or a
second job. And regardless ones “savvy” in the investment arena, it is/was
his/her money. Nobody else’s. ADD that
“(s)he heard it from an analyst on TV”
means even more . Don’t forget, Jim Cramer made more than one bad call!! And as
YOU know, GTX Global etc, was well disguised/sheltered by and through the sham
with BIG companies/organizations. The Yadio merger; adding McKittrick as a
financial nugget. Ask and other VERY credible investment
Houses/Brokers. Yahoo etc ranked those bastards well after they were exposed as
did Ameritrade, Equitrade and Toronto Dominion Bank to named a few. And
remember, it has been the efforts of many little investors that took down big
scams when the big money really didn’t miss a few dollars or thousands of
dollars, for that matter. WE all have learned a lot from the participants at
this blog, and you have been invaluable, but to berate a person who stands for
the American dream and who has been taught that credibility IS THE NORM when the
Big Houses appear to promote investment(s)opportunities. Take a look at WaMU!!
Or Lehman or AIG. Sure not scams, but what about EMRON losses?

And as
for the BIG MOUTH piece of scum that shows up regulary and who hides behind his
vagina/keyboard, I’d love to have ten minutes with you in any arena you choose.
I would tear you apart, you rotten shitball, limb by limb. Then I would
re-construct you the way you should look; Head up your ass with a wiggly

Yea, still real and still here and still..

Bennett MD PhD

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