Brecher Singing, David Scrambling Richard Bennett MD PhD

Brecher Singing, David Scrambling Richard Bennett MD PhD

The only “off of the deep end” is you, Hagenite. Why do you see “Homosexuality
in this”? Was it your tour with the Girl Scouts that makes you object to the
language? I am a Marine, BOZO, yes as in USMC–don’t get “scared easily” now as
we talk as we wish and the only offended we see is usually someone like you. AND
the “Girl Scout” troup you belonged to.. Were you the one selling cookies at
Hagens Arraignment? Or the one hiding in the men’s room with Hagen’s Fat
son?Awwwwwww ED or Ivan or whomever you are, come out of the closet. That way
you won’t be so offended when MEN talk. Puss!!
Now, back to the issue(s)at
hand: Brecher AND HAGEN are tweety birds and will tell on all of you. Tweeedlie
tweedlie dee, dee.

Richard Bennett MD PhD

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